Why Join the Lehigh Valley Contractors Association?

The mission of the Lehigh Valley Contractors Association is to provide the proven, professional contractor with a united voice in all matters affecting the industry.  The objectives of the Association are to promote and advance the common interests of its members as a trade association for union construction contractors and subcontractors in and around the Lehigh Valley; provide informational and educational programs relevant to the industry; represent the industry to legislative, administrative, regulatory, and other public and governmental bodies: promote safety practices and programs; and, market its members to institutional, commercial and public agencies.

Membership in L.V.C.A. is composed of construction managers, general contractors and subcontractors.  The Association is managed by an executive director and policy decisions are made by a board of directors, composed of six representatives who are currently a director, partner, owner, or an officer of an active member of the Association. 

L.V.C.A members benefit from services in the following areas:


  • Negotiation with several of the basic trades (carpenters, laborers, cement masons, plasterers)
  • Assistance with collective bargaining, wages, jurisdictional disputes, and grievances as well as other issues that may arise
  • Publication and updating of wage rate schedules for all trades in the greater Lehigh Valley


  • Safety seminars adapted to trades and construction projects
  • Assistance with O.S.H.A. questions or citations


  • Promotion of association members to all levels of public agencies and officials involved with construction
  • Lobbying of local, state and federal officials to promote favorable legislation related to the needs of the association and its members
  • Market L.V.C.A. members to commercial developers and institutional project managers


  • Access to plans and specifications associated with institutional, industrial and commercial projects
  • Plans available for review on weekends or overnight


  • Information distributions via mail, fax and email
  • Publication of “News at a Glance” including plans on file, safety tips and professional services articles
  • Distribution of a membership directory to the entire membership, municipal officials, engineers, architects and other construction users.


   Inclusion on our website, which:

  • Allows construction users to access the membership directory in order to assist them in selecting member contractors for their projects
  • Provides information pertinent to the association and its membership
  • Provides links to members websites


Open to all union contractors


General contractor - $600 per year

Sub-contractors - $300 per year

Membership applications can be obtained at the Millard Street office or click on the PDF Icon to download an application.

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